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Synergy Water Maintenance

At Passion Spas, we believe that everyone can appreciate a good filtration system.

Not many customers think about the filtration system when they’re shopping for a spa, but after they get one and realize how easy and efficient it is to have crystal-clear water, their overall satisfaction is that much more complete.

In Passion Spas’ Signature, Exclusive and Sport collections, we supply each spa with the Synergy Water Maintenance System as a standard feature. This is a multi-faceted water purification system that keeps water clear and reduces the need for additional water sanitation.

The Synergy Water Maintenance System includes the following components:

 The Dedicated Filtration Pump draws water through the spa filter. This pump offers 100 percent filtration in a low-wattage, energy-efficient manner.

 The UV Sanitizer inactivates microorganisms using UV-C (short-wave) light energy. This occurs while water is in the UV chamber—the UV itself provides no oxidation.

The Ozone System produces ozone (a gas) which is dissolved in water to neutralize microorganisms by oxidation.

Ozone and UV are very different technologies, but when they work together, they make each other stronger; in this scenario, one plus one equals three. This combination provides you with perfectly pure spa water.

The Synergy Water Maintenance System combines 100 percent filtration, ozone sanitation, and UV purification to give customers the clearest spa water possible. You no longer have to worry about keeping the water clean and instead can spend your time simply relaxing in and enjoying your Passion Spa. 

Passion Spas Synergy Water Maintenance