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Almost Heaven Sauna from Start to Finish

Have you ever wondered what the step-by-step process is for making a sauna? If you’re the kind of person who likes a behind-the-scenes look at how something is made, then step this way. We’re about to give you a crash-course in sauna making, in following a sauna from start to finish.

Unloading the lumber.

Step 1: Raw Materials

The lumber we use arrives at our West Virginia factory in truckloads. Workers run it through a machine, piece by piece, that planes it and shapes its profile, either tongue-and-groove (for indoor models) or ball-and-socket (for barrel models).

Step 2: Pre-Assembled Components

Upstairs on the main factory floor, workers measure, cut, and assembled the prepared lumber into various components. They will pre-assembled wall sections, roof sections, benches, and back rests.

Step 3: Packaging

Next, workers will collect all necessary components and package them piece by piece on a pallet. An Almost Heaven Sauna includes all lumber sections, assembly hardware, accessories like a bucket and ladle, and instructions.

Palletized sauna kits on a truck.

Step 4: Shipping and Delivery

Once a sauna is palletized, a tracking number gets applied to it and the carrier comes and loads it on their truck. When it arrives in its destination region, the carrier hands the pallet off to the customer.

Step 5: Assembly

The customer unpacks each components and assembles the sauna, following the provided instructions. Once the sauna is built, a licensed electrician comes and hard-wires the electric heater to a power source.

Step 6: Enjoy

With the completed whole assembled and wired, you are invited to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruit of our combined labor.

To learn more about owning your own home sauna, check out our selection of indoor saunas and outdoor saunas. Or give us a call at  (231) -796-9999

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Almost Heaven Sauna from Start to Finish