Passion Spa SOLACE

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Passion Spas Features



Weight (Lbs)     1200.0000
Spa Length     84 inch
Spa Width     84 inch
Spa Height     36 inch
Number of Persons     5 Persons
Aqua Rolling Massage     Yes
Shell Construction     Multilayered
Maintenance-free Exterior Cabinet     Yes
Number of LED lights in corner panels     2
StarBrite LED Underwater Lighting     Yes
Number of Seats     4 Seats and 1 Lounge
Number of All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets with Stainless Steel

Finish 50 Actieve Hydrotherapie Jets
Total Number of Jets     58
Number of Air Jets     8 Air Injector Jets
Number of Zoned Air Controls     4
Ozone System     Yes
Waterfall     Yes
Floor Drain     Yes
Amount of Headrests     3 Molded Headrest Soft Pillows with LED Light
Filtration System     Programmable Filtration System
Heating System     Balboa
Aromatherapy     Yes
Amount of LED-Lights     18 Multi Color LED
Audio System with IPOD Docking Station     Yes
TV/DVD Audio Systeem     Inapplicable
Speakers     Built-in Speakers
Massage Pump 1     5.0 HP
Massage Pump 2     5.0 HP
Massage Pump 3     Airblower
Filtration Pump     1/4 HP
Control System     Balboa
Full Flow Electric Heater     5.5 kW
Water Capacity     389 Gallons
Dry Weight     838 Lbs
Filled Weight     4079 Lbs
Insulation     Ultra Efficient Dual-Wrap Cabinet Insulation
Electrical Requirements     220 V 40 Amp

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The Solace Spa is a 5-person spa with extra-large center seats for a more spacious mid-sized spa. This spa was thoughtfully designed for maximum relaxation and therapeutic benefit. Built with 58 total jets, the Solace has two wide bench seats, two-bucket seats and one lounger. One of the bucket seats features our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™, pushing water up your back, creating a vigorous massage effect.

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