Average Day               Average               Max Water                     Loss                 Daily Net

Cover Type            Temp                  Night Temp                Tamp                      Overnight              Results

No Cover                         92                            55                               76                         12 Degrees F            6 Deg. Loss


Hard Cover                     92                             55                               84                          4 Degrees F             8 Deg. Gain

Liquid Cover                 92                             55                               82                          6 Degrees F             6 Deg. Gain

Liquid Cover                 92                             55                               83                          5 Degrees F             7 Deg. Gain

Twice a Day

Swimming Pool Heat Loss

As illustrated here 90 percent of heat loss in a body of water is do to: Evaporation (70) % and  to Radiation to the sky (20) %

Liquid Solar Cover may be a good choice in commercial applications where a hard cover is not allowed or in a residential setting when the customer would prefer not to wrestle with a hard cover any longer.  Using liquid solar cover is very easy just add a few ounces once or twice a day of liquid solar cover to your pool that's it.  There is also a optional feeder pump to add liquid solar cover automatically.

Spa Plus

Liquid Solar Cover